This site is the home for the gn3s*nix project. The goal is to make the software for the SIGE SE4110L GPS Front End ASIC work with GNU/Linux.

The GN3S Sampler was co-developed by the University of Colorado Aerospace Department and SiGe Semiconductor. The USB-based device captures a raw GPS data stream and saves it as a binary file on your computer.

The device is not supported by either the University of Colorado Aerospace Department nor by SiGe Semiconductor. Moreover, there is no promise of support for this GNU/linux port; this is for advanced users only - be warned.


We have it working with Ubuntu 7.1 on a x86 machine. Other system tests to come soon.

It has a simple, and crude, shell script to install libusb then compile the firmware and application from the source code. And, you probably don't care about the firmware so if you want to save time and space you might "make" the application yourself (in the application directory) . . .


You are welcome to join us.

You can "checkout" the code with viewvc.

Or, you might be more inclined to "co" the code from the svn repository:
svn co gn3s-nix


Here it is.

The project is hosted on